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Dear Bio-Mom, {A 'Thank You' note from the Stepmom}

Thank you for showing me grace.

Thank you for deciding early in our co-parenting relationship that getting along with me was in the best interest of our daughter.

Thank you for not resisting the activities and experiences that our daughter was exposed to because of me. Things that she would not have normally been able to try, see and do had I not been in her life.

Thank you for embracing a whole bunch of extra family members and knowing that our daughter is loved by many people that she did not have before.

Thank you for attending therapy sessions with my husband and I in the beginning years of our co-parenting journey so that we could figure out all the junk.

Thank you for always telling our daughter that all three of us are her parents and she should have equal respect.

Thank you for supporting my decisions about discipline and care during the times our daughter was at my home.

Thank you for being flexible with switching days, vacations and weekends.

Thank you for knowing the importance of our daughter spending time with her extended family on my husband’s side as well as my side.

Thank you for sharing meals with us.

Thank you for supporting any decisions we make that affect our family - which include our daughter.

Thank you for sharing in our excitement when we celebrated buying a house.

Thank you for sharing in our excitement when we celebrated the births of my other kids.

Thank you for apologizing when you were wrong.

Thank you for your birthday wishes and Mother’s day wishes every year.

Thank you for letting my other kids call you Auntie.

Thank you for loving them.

Thank you for always getting them birthday and Christmas gifts.

Thank you for sharing Christmas mornings with us.

Thank you for your hugs.

Thank you for being my friend.

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